The Bad Guy is now fundraising

Mar 21, 2023 | Fundraising

(Los Angeles, CA) – The Bad Guy, a new short film written, directed, and produced by Morgan Ann Hammen is now seeking funding. The film is about a black man, convicted of manslaughter, who confronts a heartless world upon his release from prison where disownment, stalkers & conspiracy lie in wait.

To put this film into production and bring it to screens, we need your support. If you’re interested in our short film and want to help us make it happen, please consider a financial contribution. Every bit helps.

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We understand that not everyone has the means to donate their money. If you have non-monetary resources or abilities to share, we would love to hear from you.

Another important way to lift up the project is by sharing this fundraiser, our website, and social media posts with your network, whether it be family, friends, or colleagues. Boosting our traffic and engagement will ensure momentum with our fundraising campaign and marketing efforts.

Thank you so much for supporting The Bad Guy, a short film by Morgan Ann Hammen.


About “The Bad Guy”

The Bad Guy is a story about exploring inequality through example. Through the eyes of Briar, we navigate a world built on prejudice and hate, unwilling to give him the second chance he deserves. Though reformed, he’s rejected by his family, bystanders, and the judicial/penal system, immediately setting him up for failure.

Given only two weeks to find housing, work, and a form of contact on a $200 stipend and no work-placement programs, the for-profit prison systems waste no time in encouraging criminal relapse and, in turn, recidivism.

Beyond systemic failures, The Bad Guy made sure to incorporate both big and small forms of racism. Whether blatant, deniable, or simple microaggressions, we wanted to demonstrate the consistency and range of racism people of color face. Whether passive or abrasive, the wear of these acts will diminish any man, no matter how strong his will or how good a person he is. And for someone who already struggles with guilt and his sense of identity, its effects are only amplified. This is why it’s called The Bad Guy. Because if not for his record, Briar would still be deemed “the bad guy” simply because of the way he looks.

Therefore, we wanted to take on the untold perspective. Showing Briar’s moments of vulnerability: his doubts, his guilt, his compassion, etc… these bits humanize him and provoke sympathy and empathy for an otherwise easily dismissable felon.